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Based in Simi Valley, California, we are the largest Special Event Medical Services company in Ventura County providing services to Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties.

What is Special Event Medical Services?

Special Event Medical Services is a specialized team of professionals in the emergency medical field who provide pre-hospital care to participants and spectators at special events and mass gatherings. FEMA defines a special event as “a non-routine activity within a community that brings together a large number of people.” A mass gathering is a subset of special events, such as a concert held during a larger event like a county fair.

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AB-2300 California Youth Football Act

(h) A minimum of one certified emergency medical technician, state-licensed paramedic, or higher-level licensed medical professional shall be present during all preseason, regular season, and postseason games. The certified emergency medical technician, state-licensed paramedic, or higher-level licensed medical professional shall have the authority to provide prehospital emergency medical care or rescue services consistent with their certification or license, and remove any youth tackle football participant from the game who exhibits an injury, including, but not necessarily limited to, symptoms of a concussion or other head injury.

The Medical Care We Provide

We are an EMT AED Service Provider licensed by the Emergency Medical Services Agency of Ventura County, which authorizes our EMTs to carry and use AEDs for cardiac emergencies. Our certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) provide Basic Life Support (BLS), which includes evaluating and treating the ill and injured, obtaining vital signs, performing CPR and using an AED, administering oxygen, using mechanical airways and suctioning devices, using manual ventilating devices, controlling bleeding, performing spinal immobilization, splinting extremities, traction splinting, administering oral glucose for diabetic emergencies, and assisting patients with physician-prescribed nitroglycerin, epinephrine devices, inhalers, and nebulizers.

Medical Care

What Type of Special Events Do We Cover?

  • High School Football Games
  • High School Soccer Games
  • Pop Warner Football Games
  • A.Y.S.O. Soccer Games
  • Concerts
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Movie & T.V. Film Locations
  • Street Fairs and Community Events
  • Marathons, 10k & 5K races
  • Cycling Races
  • Mud Runs
  • Political Events

The Medical Equipment We Provide

  • First responder golf cart
  • Adhesive bandages
  • 4x4 sponges
  • Instant cold packs
  • Gauze rolls
  • Oxygen tank and regulator
  • Triangular slings
  • AED
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Elastic bandages
  • Stethoscope
  • Backboard
  • Cohesive sport wraps
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Cervical collar
  • Sports tape
  • Manual suction device
  • Glucose (15 gr)
  • Tourniquet
  • Oropharyngeal airway
  • Bag-valve mask
  • Cold spray
  • N.P.A airways
  • Event Medical Standby

EMS/CE, NREMT, AHA, & First Aid Courses

Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers Online, Classroom, Blended, & VILT CAPCE accredited training. Our EMS/CE courses cover several work-related disciplines for medical professionals and individuals seeking CPR or first-aid training.

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